Trouble Shooting

LED pattern

The device has no light indication even if the branch circuit breaker is turned back on

That is possibly the failure of the device

Please contact your sales representative or local distributor.

The Smart Meter Red CT LED light is blinking

This means that the circuit meter is unable to perform measurement.

Please check

1) Whether the clamp(s) are properly attached. You should hear a 'click' if completely attached.

2) Whether the clamp(s) are attached to the correct orientation.

3) Whether the clamp(s) are attached to the right line according to wiring diagram

The Smart Sensor Orange radio LED light is on

This indicates that the radio wave strength at the installation location is not strong enough.

Move the wireless LAN router closer to the Smart Sensor, or use a wireless LAN repeater.

If the radio orange light is consistently blinking after making sure the wifi connection is strong enough, please check the material of the consumer unit. If it is metal covered, please install the Smart Sensor next to the consumer unit in a suitably rated junction box.

There is no WPS function in the Wi-fi router

Please follow the manual network configuration here.

The Smart Sensor does not show constant blue LED light

Possible cause is Wifi router connection issue

Please double check you network connection. Restart wifi router and then try connecting the Smart Sensor again.

The consumer unit casing is metal

Metal covered consumer unit may block the signal communication. Please install the smart sensor in a rated junction box next to the consumer unit.